Did you lose all your Bear Mountain bookmarks?

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Did you lose all your Bear Mountain bookmarks?

Post by Stephen » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:17 am

I know this forum has a feature to bookmark topics of interest, but if you're like me and save your bookmarks in a folder in your browser, you may have noticed they don't work anymore. I had close to a hundred topics saved for that day when I can financially justify building one of these beautiful boats.:crying

This appears to be the result of Bear Mountain redesigning their website and renaming all their pages, :thinking but what I wanted to tell you is that the bookmarks for the builder's forum, at least, can be recovered by manually editing the URL.

Old URL http://bearmountainboats.com/phpBB3/vie ... f=1&t=1665
New URL viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1665

As you can see in the sample above, the viewtopic part is still the same. For each URL, all you need to do is add buildersforum. near the start and delete phpBB3/ near the middle. There may be a way to automate this, but I sure ain't smart enough to figure it out. If you can use copy and paste this is only somewhat painful; Internet Explorer and Google Chrome at least seem to allow it.

Probably the most important thing is to MAKE SURE you are editing a forum topic or you will cause problems instead of solving them. Look for phpBB3/viewtopic before you start editing.

There are some pages from the main Bear Mountain site I haven't been able to figure out what the new name might be. I hope Joan and Ted put back the important ones. :wink

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