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Posting Photos

Post by Glen Smith » Mon May 02, 2005 8:37 pm

Hi everyone, I posted this "new thread" so the information will be easier to find using the "Search" function:
First of all, you cannot post pictures straight from your home computer. Your photos must be stored in a publicly accessible computer. This could be done through your Internet Service Provider if you have "free" website space included in your service. Another way is to upload your photos to a website that allows photo storage and linking. Not all photo storage sites will allow you to link your photos to other sites however. I now use for photo posting. You can open a free account and upload your photos to their website. Once uploaded, select the photo you want to post and right click on the photo then click on properties. Highlight Address URL, right click and choose copy. When you want to insert the photo in your message you click on (Img) located above then right click and choose paste. This will copy the photo URL and then you click on Close Tags located above. These are the procedures using Internet Explorer and they will be different if using another browser. The next step is to click on (Preview) located below to see if everything is fine. Make any necessary corrections then click on (Submit) located below.

Edited: Photobucket has added a new feature to their photo albums. In order to post a photo on the Forum you can now choose the photo then look at the right side of the screen. There is a series of 3 links for photo posting. Click on the 3rd link (bottom one) and the word (copied) will appear. Now you can just "paste" the link into your message on the Forum without having to use the "Img" And the "*Img" buttons at the top of the page.

To add photos and descriptions to the Forum: you can write the description then paste in the photo or you can reverse this procedure. Then go on to the next photo you want to add to your message and repeat the procedure. It is really quite easy to do.

Note: you can not write all the text for several photos then paste the photos into the text in between portions of the text. The photos will all appear after the text. The same is true for posting a series of photos then adding in the text between the photos. The text will all end up beneath the series of photos so you should compose the text for one photo, paste in that photo then go on to the next text and photo and so on.

Good luck.