Fine Seethrough Gaps In Strips

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Fine Seethrough Gaps In Strips

Postby Kap » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:16 pm

Have some fine lines in a few of the strips. When shining an LED light from the form side of the hull, I can see small areas of light penetrating the outside of the hull. Not sure if, when epoxy and glass are applied, the gaps will be filled. Any suggestions before I fiberglass?
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Re: Fine Seethrough Gaps In Strips

Postby Cruiser » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:45 pm


That looks like the strips weren't pushed together in that area and since you can see the light shining through, that means it goes all the way through.

I wouldn't attempt glassing till you get that one and any others filled. If you try and glass, the resin will come through that area (messing up the inside) and probably leave a visible bubble under the glass.

I would address this after you have sanded and faired the outside of the canoe .... after the wetout and before final sanding.

First ... tape off the areas needing filling:


Second, lightly wet the area a few times with unthickened epoxy (let it soak in a bit), then colour the epoxy with a similar wood flour, to about the same colour as the wood is when wet. Finish thickening with cabosil or similar product (it should be peanut butter consistancy.. will hold a peak), if you just use the wood flour it goes way darker than the wood will be. The cabosil will soften the colour and help it blend better with the surrounding wood. Work the thickened epoxy into the crack, use a putty knife to remove excess epoxy. Remove the tape immediately after you finish removing the excess epoxy.

It will look something like this:


Scrape it smooth after the epoxy has setup (usually next day) but is still green, I recommend a good carbide scraper, stay on the epoxy and just level it to the wood ..... then go ahead and do the finish sanding. DO Not try and level the epoxy with sand paper ... it is harder than the wood and you will end up with hollows on either side of the epoxy line.

This is not the only way to handle this, just the way I have tackled with some of my boats.

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Re: Fine Seethrough Gaps In Strips

Postby Kap » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:08 pm

Thanks, Brian.
I figured that is what the method of repair needed, but wanted to hear it from someone who knows more than I. Glad there are not many areas to repair :wink
Thanks for the advice.
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